Liferay consulting services

Solve your challenges with our Liferay consulting services

A Liferay that runs on an infrastructure that is easy to manage and maintain, while allowing developers to implement new features and Liferay applications faster than ever. Sounds great! But it takes a lot of knowledge, skills and time to make this happen. We were once Liferay developer so we know what you’re dealing with. By offering Liferay consultancing services we want to help you save time and money on your Liferay installation. Because when everything is running great, you can focus on what matters: building meaningful applications and features. A few examples of what we can do for you are:


Depending on the complexity of your infrastructure, our Liferay consultants can spend 2+ days on an infrastructure assessment. Afterwards, we can help you with a new or improved set-up or we can provision one.

CI/CD Pipelines

Together with your development team, we assess your current development process. Our developers are specialised in Liferay consultancy and thus can advise on the best implementation of CI/CD pipelines for Liferay.

Review application readiness

Is your business-critical application ready to go live? You can take the chance or let an expert do an application production readiness test. Potential issues with scaling or the application will be exposed and solved. Better safe than sorry.

Improve your development process with Liferay consulting services

Many companies are looking for a way to build better applications faster. That’s why Google came up with Kubernetes and everybody now tries to adopt the DevOps way of working. Faster innovation can help your company grow. But how do you innovate your Liferay development process?

Liferay consultancing helps you to:

  1. Assess the maturity and health of your Liferay
  2. Implement new technologies
  3. Migrate old platforms, tools and applications
  4. Do-it-yourself
  5. Manage and support your applications


Want to know more about how we can help you?

Watch our webinar about the 7 challenges of Liferay and how to overcome them.