Liferay Long Term Support

If you don’t check for vulnerabilities, you are vulnerable…

According to OWASP, the independent, nonprofit foundation dedicated to enabling organisations to acquire or develop web applications that can be trusted, having ‘vulnerable and outdated components‘ is the sixth most common cause for security related issues in web applications in 2021. If you do not update components nor regularly check for vulnerabilities, OWASP states that your application will certainly be vulnerable.

We keep things safe

We understand that many organisations don’t want to upgrade their web applications every 3 years. Upgrades are a hassle and often boil down to just being expensive rebuilds. But as software ages more quickly than ever, security vulnerabilities start to surface sooner than ever before.

Most organisations don’t realise the full impact of having vulnerable web applications. Remarks like ‘my organisation is low profile‘ and ‘we don’t have any really interesting data in our application‘ are frequently used quotes among website owners.

And even if these would be true, hackers may still use vulnerable systems to attack others. Once these attacks are being noticed, they will be traced back to the originating application. Imagine this was your application. Besides financial liability, what would be the reputational damage to your organisation and/or brand?

Liferay Long Term Support

For many years vulnerabilities in Liferay, although openly published, were not being exploited frequently. However over the last two years there has been an uprise in the number of exploits being specifically targeted at vulnerabilities in Liferay. Hence it is paramount that Liferay-based website owners take action and we are here to help!

We are Firelay and we care for Liferay. No matter if you are running DXP, EE or Community Edition we know how to keep your portals safe, even when the support of Liferay Inc. expired long time ago.

Firelay offers LLTS, Liferay Long Term Support. We will manage your application and the related software, will update it with the most recent patches and will harden the application’s environment if no patches are being released anymore. Thereby making it possible for your application to run safely for a sustained period.

Test and get your Liferay vaccinated

If you have a web application based on  Liferay, you can check below to what extent your web application is vulnerable. Even if you are not sure whether or not your web application is based on Liferay, you can still use it to determine if are running Liferay.

Our test tool is here to make you aware of potential risks, keep your website secure and make the whole Liferay ecosystem more resilient to hacks.

Start testing now. Test often, and  if you find your web application to be vulnerable: take action immediately.At Firelay we strive for vaccinating all Liferay instances in the world.

“Over 80% of publicly available Liferay portals are vulnerable…”

Following the recent rise in exploited security vulnerabilities in Liferay portal and Liferay Digital Experience Platform, mid 2021 Firelay started an investigation into the amount of vulnerable portals that are publicly accessible through the internet. During its research Firelay found that over 80% of the Liferay portals out there run outdated versions of Liferay that are vulnerable for multiple security exploits.

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