Run Liferay on-premises

Building a Liferay on OpenShift cluster on-premise can be a time-consuming task. Of course, we know that you can build it yourself. But the time you spend on building your platform, is the time you can not spend on reaching business goals. 

Our Liferay On-Premise solution solves this problem. From the setup of the Operating System to the hosting of the platform. We can take care of it. Get started without adopting all the knowledge you need to set up, run, and maintain Liferay yourself.

The Firelay team can set up Liferay on your own infrastructure or on the public cloud and provide you with all necessary knowledge your team requires.

How does it work? 

Firelay will collaborate with your IT department to implement Liferay on OpenShift within the requirements of your IT strategy. 

The Firelay team will: 

  • Assist with a sizing workshop and specify resource requirements.
  • Optionally, assist with a networking workshop
  • Set up the OpenShift cluster on the provided infrastructure
  • Set up the Liferay environments 
  • Monitor the OpenShift cluster and the Liferay applications
  • Perform security updates on OpenShift and Liferay
  • Maintain the OpenShift cluster and the Liferay applications
  • Provide support according to the Service Level Agreement

Your IT department will:

  • Provide the requirements of the project
  • Provide the servers
  • Set up the network 
  • Monitor the Service Level Agreement 

One of the strengths of the Liferay’s Platform is the flexibility it gives our customers. Customers can opt to run their Liferay installations on-premises or in the cloud. Several of our customers work with Firelay to implement their Liferay cloud strategy. Firelay delivers optimised Liferay environments in an instant and takes care of them 24×7. Regardless whether the project is delivered by a Liferay certified partner or the customer’s in-house development team, Firelay helps to deliver projects easier and faster.

Ruud Kluivers

Former General Manager, Liferay Benelux

Why managed Liferay hosting?

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