Your integrator left? We will finalise the project for you.

Liferay Software Development

At Firelay we prefer to work together with your software integrator or your in-house developers. They do the software development, we do the hosting and support. However, we do understand that over time a software integrator may move on, or your developers may start focusing on other projects. Then the question remains: who will take care of implementing the changes and new features you still have for your Liferay Portal?

As Liferay is like a toolbox with tons of tools it is hard for inexperienced developers to create useful things using Liferay. Let alone that they can take over a project/code base that was started by someone else.  

At Firelay we have long term experience with Liferay. We have seasoned Liferay certified developers that not only can implement portals from scratch but can also take over existing Liferay projects. So if you have a Liferay Portal and feel stuck please Contact us! 

Software, tools and languages

Years of experience

Work with your developers

If there are still developers available on your end, we happily work together with them to make sure you get the features and changes implemented as you wish.

Full take over

Hand us your portal’s code-base and after a fixed-price intake we are able to implement your requirements. 

Minimize costs

Your portal is still valuable, so don’t move away from Liferay. We can extend it cost effectively and make it future proof.

Let's work together

 As Liferay is a platform, it always get integrated with many other technologies. Hence for obtaining the best architecture it is vital that consultants can look beyond the horizon of a single technology. Although specialised in Liferay, our consultants are all-round opensource developers. They have the skills to work with over 40 tools, software solutions and programming languages. Thereby being capable of providing you with the best solutions.

Why managed Liferay hosting?

Discover how Firelay boosts your Liferay in our extended features document.