Liferay hosting for your projects

✔  Worry-free deployments with zero downtime
✔  Simplify infrastructure management
✔  Enterprise Liferay hosting on Kubernetes or OpenShift
✔  ISO27001 certified hosting processes

The Liferay user journey

Running Liferay successfully can be a challenge. Many customers turn to us only when they experience issues. However, by adopting managed Liferay hosting before you start a new Liferay project, you will save a lot of time, money and effort. Why? Because the infrastructure, Liferay CI/CD pipelines, security and maintenance will be set-up correctly right away. And you can get started right away. 

Start Liferay project

Quickly start a new hosted Liferay project with Liferay OpenShift Cloud, Liferay on Kubernetes or Liferay OpenShift Services. 

Develop and test new features

Implement tests and changes safe, easy and fast with CI/CD pipelines. Or hire on-site help of our Liferay experts. 

Liferay project live

Don’t worry about the project after it goes live. With Liferay hosting, we take care of support, security and maintenance. 

Improve, develop and test

Simply add new features to your Liferay with the integrated pipelines. Test them safely with rolling deployments. 

Finish Liferay project

Once your Liferay project is completed, we’ll manage support and maintenance. That’s the benefit of Liferay hosting. 

Your all-in-one development platform

 Stability, costs and performance are the most common challenges of Liferay developers. We solve these issues by hosting Liferay on Kubernetes or OpenShift. This offers developers an all-in-one development platform where they can monitor performance, improved stability due to enhanced scaling features and a clear cost structure. We call it: the better solution for your Liferay project. Your Liferay will be enhanced with the following features, out-of-the-box.   


Application Management

The platform interface allows you to create a new environment with a few clicks.


Each environment has its own private network. This contains local DNS, Routing and Port Configuration.


Liferay Cloud on OpenShift or Kubernetes has a full CI/CD toolstack. Therefore, it offers a streamlined development lifecycle.

Performance and Availability

Setup self-healing features for your applications. You can also configure automated performance optimisation.


Log and Shell Access

Analyse the performance of your applications with logs. Access the Shell to manage services and perform commands.


Keep track of garbage collection, response times, and other features. Integrate advanced monitoring with a tool of your choice.


Our Liferay Cloud platform is by default equipped with storage solutions. NVME SSD, for example. Benefit from high-performance and resilient storage.

Application Configuration

Define environment variables. Use them to configure the behaviour of a specific service.



Rely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Firelay's best-practise security solutions. 

Also available on-premise

We can host any Liferay version on any infrastructure.  

Liferay hosting on OpenShift – how does it work? 

Evaluating Liferay?

Download the Liferay DXP and Firelay Cloud comparison document.