Over 25 years of experience

Providing secure online solutions since 1995. With Open Source software at the core of our business we try many different tools and types of hosting. Some stick with us and get implemented in our daily workflow.


From developer to hosting provider.

We know how to make your Liferay run great. 


The members of the Firelay team all have their own speciality. From JAVA developers to Python lovers and a Sales manager that is a geek at heart. Working with Open Source software like Liferay and OpenShift is in our DNA. We believe that the best products come from collaboration.

Therefore, we are very active in the Liferay community and we work closely together with the Liferay headquarters. You can find us at Liferay MeetUps, DevCon or Symposiums. Simply because we find it important to be visible, approachable and share our knowledge. With our customers and the community. Because if we combine all our knowledge, we will be able to change the Liferay landscape. 

The Council of Europe has been relying on the technical expertise of Firelay to assess the Liferay servers and websites and provide recommendation and guidance in order to streamline processes, gaining higher availability for our environments and cost-saving options. The Council of Europe is very happy with the high level of expertise Firelay could demonstrate in understanding our technical needs and in proposing ad-hoc solutions in terms of scalability, flexibility, performance and stability for our systems.

Tanguy Thomas

Application Specialist, Council of Europe

One of the strengths of the Liferay’s Platform is the flexibility it gives our customers. Customers can opt to run their Liferay installations on-premises or in the cloud. Several of our customers work with Firelay to implement their Liferay cloud strategy. Firelay delivers optimised Liferay environments in an instant and takes care of them 24×7. Regardless of whether the project is delivered by a Liferay certified partner or the customer’s in-house development team, Firelay helps to deliver projects easier and faster.

Ruud Kluivers

General Manager, Liferay Benelux BV.

For Finalist, reliable hosting is very important. As a software development company we ourselves focus on adding value on top of Liferay, so it's great to be able to keep Liferay itself in hands of the knowledgeable people at Firelay and know that it runs properly and securely thanks to their ISO27001 certified processes. Deployments, configuration, patching etc. is all done carefully and promptly, and we always can contact the tech guys directly via chat, which is great!

Geert van der Ploeg

Software Developer, Finalist

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