Everything you need to run Liferay on OpenShift

Firelay’s Liferay PaaS runs on OpenShift and can be installed in any cloud or on-premises.  But what if you already have an OpenShift environment and just want to run Liferay on it? For these cases, we offer a Liferay OpenShift Extensions package.

Liferay OpenShift Extensions are add-ons for your OpenShift platform. The add-ons help you to develop, run and manage Liferay environments. We provide Docker Images, HotDeploy builds, Source2Image builds, and a Jenkins pipeline for Liferay (DXP).


To install Liferay on OpenShift, you need a suitable Liferay Image for your project. Your Liferay will be ready-to-go in an instance. Our Liferay hosting experts are available for support.


With HotDeploy, developers no longer waste time on restarts. Change, update or insert code in running environments. Spend 50% less time waiting on deployments. Save resources and work efficiently.


A failed deployment causes long downtime. You need to rollback, change and restart the application all over again. Release new versions with Liferay S2I. Deployments will consist of reproducible rebuilds of the application.


Improve your Continuous Integration strategy. Use a Jenkins pipeline. Jenkins enables test-driven development. It also allows developers to automate code testing. In addition to the testing, you can perform a code quality inspection.


Fastest Time to Market

In the end, your business is making money if you can sell a quality product. Minimise time and resources spent on making Liferay work on OpenShift. Instead, use your resources to improve your applications, reach your business goals or take on new projects. A faster time-to-market has a great impact on your profit and market share.

No Operational Expenses

Learning to work with applications on containers can be challenging. You need skills and knowledge to work with Docker, OpenShift, and Liferay. And above all, you need to be able to combine these skills and put them to work. But training can be expensive and experience takes time. With Liferay OpenShift Extensions you need none. Order, install, and get started right away.

Certified Solutions

All of Firelay’s services, processes, and solutions are ISO27001 certified. This means that our system management processes and data handling are compliant with the European standard. We also have the NEN7510 certification for safely handling patient data. As a result of our Red Hat partnership, we are also allowed to integrate Red Hat’s security tools in our products. This enables our customers to use Enterprise Linux and OpenSCAP.

Get Started

The Liferay on OpenShift Extension package is sold for single environments or clusters. Pricing starts from €245,- per month for a single environment and €590,- per month for a cluster. This includes support from our Liferay experts.

Why managed Liferay hosting?

Discover how Firelay boosts your Liferay in our extended features document.