At Firelay we work with a team of professionals who like puzzles and challenges. We prefer Open Source things with an API that live on the web. They should have a community of like-minded people all over the world to talk “nerd” with. Our closets are mostly filled with T-shirts from DevCons with the occasional suit and tie. This makes us informal and geeky professionals in a mainly corporate world.

We love Open Source because we believe that the best results come from cooperation. Therefore, we like to share our knowledge and to learn from others. Our goal is to contribute to the community as much as we can.

A short peek into the history of Firelay can show you that we were among the first companies in the Netherlands to host Liferay Community Events. Since we try to sponsor and help organize every Liferay Netherlands event.

Firelay has also helped the Liferay Patchers Community with free hosting to help them organize the community. The Patcher Community is a group of people who focus on improving the Liferay Portal Community Edition. They do this by applying patches to it and making them available for everyone.

Liferay and Open Source

We came across this video posted by Liferay that explains why Open Source is so important to them. Their explanations are spot on and we couldn’t agree more!