Liferay Blogs and Events

Catch up on LDSF Frankfurt 2018

At the Liferay Digital Solutions Forum 2018 (#LDSF18) it is Liferay’s CEO Bryan Cheung who kicks off with an overview of the current state of Liferay and its future. Bryan explains that Liferay is rapidly adopting new technologies and hence is becoming a front leader...

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Catch up on Liferay DevCon 2018

We're always excited for a new edition of Liferay DevCon. It always fills your day with interesting talks, plenty of heads at our booth and interesting conversations. We learn a lot, meet new people, and get to play the old school game consoles Liferay arranged (we...

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Catch up on Liferay Unconference 2018

Firelay is at DEVCON! How could we not be? In the next blog posts we are going to share what we learned, or what struck us, or what came to our attention. Today, our DevOps Freark and Simon attended the Unconference, and what follows is a recap of some of the talks...

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Liferay DXP on the Firelay OpenShift Cloud meet-up

On Friday the 14th of September, Firelay and Liferay teamed up for a Liferay DXP on OpenShift meetup. The goal of the meetup was to share our knowledge on deploying Liferay on OpenShift with a live demo and to share the benefits of Liferay DXP. As one of the visitors...

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Firelay is a platinum sponsor of DevCon 2018

This year’s Liferay Devcon will take place in Amsterdam (practically home turf for us!), on the 6th and 7th of November.Firelay is proud – but modestly so – to be a Platinum sponsor. Featuring over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops, the 2-day Liferay...

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