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Liferay Cloud Pricing

Liferay Cloud Pricing

Liferay Cloud Plans
€590 /month
billed monthly
€890 /month
billed monthly
€1490 /month
billed monthly
€2490 /month
billed monthly
Optimized for up to 3500 users;
350 concurrent
10000 users;
1000 concurrent
25000 users;
2500 concurrent
25000+ users;
2500+ concurrent
Uptime 99.8% 99.8% 99.8% 99.9%
Environments Production
Production HA
Continuous Integration
Continuous Deployment
Monitoring 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7
Helpdesk 15x7 15x7 15x7 24x7
Required Liferay subscriptions 1x Liferay CE or
1x Liferay DXP
1x Liferay CE or
1x Liferay DXP
1x Liferay CE or
1x Liferay DXP
2x Liferay CE or
2x Liferay DXP
Data storage* 40GB 60GB 80GB 100GB

Curious how Firelay can help you?

Additional Liferay Services



With Liferay on-premises, we install Liferay Cloud on your infrastructure. As an extra, we also offer an architecture sizing or networking architecture workshop teaching your team the essentials.


We’ll proactively monitor your applications and Liferay with 15×7 or 24×7 support. Talk to sales to discuss what support option fits your needs best. 


Liferay Extensions are for those who run an OpenShift platform. The extensions help you to easily develop, run and manage Liferay environments on your OpenShift instance.


Our experts can help you to adopt Liferay simple and fast. We can review your architecture, help to implement the Liferay infrastructure, optimise the pipeline and more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you suggest CE or DXP?

We support both. It depends on the use case whether the Community backed solution suffices or that you require Enterprise support. In case of Enterprise support Liferay will support your portal and portal development in case of issues.

How long is my commitment to a paid plan?

Our contracts have a minimum duration of one (1) month. Typically contracts are renewed monthly or annually.

Are Liferay upgrades included?

As soon as new versions, service packs or fix packs are released we make these available in the platform

Are security patches included?

As soon as security updates are released, we make these available in the platform.

Do you provide DDOS protection?

Yes, we operate from data centres that can recognize almost all attack patterns in advance and allowing for blocking attacks in an early stage.

Do you monitor your systems 24hrs/day?

Yes, the Liferay system itself is monitored by the (configurable) OpenShift health checks. Firelay monitors the OpenShift system.

Do you perform daily backups? Is the data in my database backed up?

Yes, we run daily backups of the database, the document and media library, and all settings of the environment. Higher frequency backups are available upon request. Off-site backups are available upon request.

Still have an unanswered question?

Learn how to run Liferay successfully

During this webinar, Lex van Sonderen (Founder of Firelay) will show you what we’ve learned while managing Liferay over the last 10 years. 

Watch the webinar to learn more about common pitfalls and how to overcome these.