Liferay in the Cloud, deploy with confidence 

✔  Worry-free deployments with zero downtime
✔  Simplify infrastructure management
✔  Rely on an enterprise Kubernetes platform
✔  ISO27001 certified hosting processes

Liferay Cloud services 

Deploy any Liferay application on a secure and reliable development platform in the cloud. Your Liferay application can run on our cloud or on a public cloud of your choice. For the core development platform, we use RedHat’s OpenShift. OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes platform that gives developers access to a full stack of developer tools. These tools can be used to set up automated health checks, recovery and scaling. It also stimulates teams to collaborate and implement a DevOps way of working. 

Who can benefit?
  • Portal owners
  • Service managers
  • Software architects
  • Integrators 
  • Solutions Providers
How do they benefit?

→ Highest uptime
→ Faster innovation
→ On-demand environments
→ Self-service platform
→ Automatic scaling
→ Integrated Jenkins, Liferay S2I and HotDeploy

Getting started with Liferay Cloud

Your Liferay application is critical to keep your business going. Whether you used Liferay to build your website, intranet or a solution for your customer. Downtime could harm your revenue or your reputation and fast innovation can help you scale your business. If your Liferay environments are so important for your business, why rely on a deficient hosting solution? 

At Firelay we offer more than just a Liferay hosting solution. Our solution offers a complete all-in-one developer platform that is integrated with Liferay. The benefits are endless from automated scaling to rolling deployments and a CI/CD pipeline. But pricing never skyrockets. 


Application Management

The platform interface allows you to create a new environment with a few clicks.


Each environment has its own private network. This contains local DNS, Routing and Port Configuration.


Liferay Cloud on OpenShift has a full CI/CD toolstack. Therefore, it offers a streamlined development lifecycle.

Performance and Availability

Setup self-healing features for your applications. You can also configure automated performance optimisation.


Log and Shell Access

Analyse the performance of your applications with logs. Access the Shell to manage services and perform commands.


Keep track of garbage collection, response times, and other features. Integrate advanced monitoring with a tool of your choice.


Our Liferay Cloud platform is by default equipped with storage solutions. NVME SSD, for example. Benefit from high-performance and resilient storage.

Application Configuration

Define environment variables. Use them to configure the behaviour of a specific service.



Rely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Firelay’s best-practise security solutions. 

For Finalist, reliable hosting is very important. As a software development company we ourselves focus on adding value on top of Liferay, so it's great to be able to keep Liferay itself in hands of the knowledgeable people at Firelay and know that it runs properly and securely thanks to their ISO27001 certified processes. Deployments, configuration, patching etc. is all done carefully and promptly, and we always can contact the tech guys directly via chat, which is great!

Geert van der Ploeg

Software Developer, Finalist