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Catch up on Liferay Unconference 2017

So, yesterday was the first (unofficial) day of Liferay DevCon. It was the day of the Unconference. The Liferay community came together one day before the big event to discuss several topics. Topics, that they proposed to talk about. Our DevOps Freark and Alwyn and...

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Liferay Unconference 2017: Log analysis solutions

Here is another little summary of a Liferay Unconference open-space discussion held in Amsterdam on Wednesday, October 4th 2017. This one was organised around the topic of what log analysis software people are using and what experiences they have with them. Since...

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Liferay Unconference 2017: Docker and Kubernetes

This is a “little” summary of the Liferay Unconference open-space discussion with the topics of Docker and Kubernetes held in Amsterdam on Wednesday, October 4th 2017.Thanks to Arne and Lex for sending me their notes! We started off with a little introduction round...

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Log Analysing platform quest for DevOps

Did you ever have to deal with log files? Did you ever have to find a specific cause of an issue in many, many log files; so many, that you didn’t know where to start? Well, as our services and platform grew over the years, we did. Luckily nowadays there are tools to...

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Why Liferay and Open Source is in our DNA

At Firelay we work with a team of professionals who like puzzles and challenges. We prefer Open Source things with an API that live on the web. They should have a community of like-minded people all over the world to talk “nerd” with. Our closets are mostly filled...

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Why managed Liferay hosting?

Discover how Firelay boosts your Liferay in our extended features document.